Security & Patches

Security & Patches


Avoid the risk of software vulnerabilities by effective security patch management

Not an Option

Over the last year we’ve observed some of the largest cyber attacks , like WannaCry and Equifax breaches wich  became famous. As more and more cyber attacks are found, AAA-Digital will secure your systems and network by updating and follow the latest trends regarding malwares and cyber attacks.

Fast Response Time
We strive to respond quickly to our customers.
Trend Tracking
We follow the latest trends in vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities
We respect the ITIL processes to smooth the operation of your platform.

Non-applied updates!

“More than 80% of theft of personal data is the result of poor patch management."

Why us:

AAA-Digital does not simply apply the latest patches, we advise our customers according to their business applications because each situation is different. Applying patches or updates is sometime impossible to do without major outage, that’s why we scrupulously apply the many  patches and ITIL best practices.

Resolve critical software vulnerabilities

We specifically address the most critical and upcoming software vulnerabilities,so there are many patches available as well as good practices.AAA-Digital does not simply apply the latest patches,  we advise our customers followingtheir business applications because each situations is different.


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