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Know your weakness…

Nowadays, network and architecture are essential in order to secure the data of your company and to guarantee their confidentiality. For that, it is essential to have an effective security system adapted to your activity. In order for your account to be reliable and efficient, you can contact our team to carry out a web security audit. Thus, we will be able to determine its weak points and its strengths and we will make suggestions for a safer protection policy corresponding to your activities.

State of the security of your Web site or IT architecture?

The purpose of such an audit is simple: to assess the level of security of your IT architecture and your IS. This allows you to know the level of protection of your infrastructure and whether you are vulnerable or properly protected against risks and attacks – internal, external, web – that can affect your business and have serious consequences. And to test systems, it is better to address experts able to evaluate your network and your park then, to present you with solutions adapted to mitigate the faults or problems identified. With this audit, you’ll have all the keys to better protect your business and your data.

Why choose AAA-Digital for your audit?:

  • Restricting and securing access to data
  • Firewall for secure remote access
  • Internet redundancy multi-links, multi-operators
  • Antivirus & managed backup
  • Non Intrusive audits

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