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Computer Audit of Systems, Networks and Services

Discover your assets…

Do you want to draw up an inventory of your information system (IS)? From your network, systems or IT department? Do you have a LAN project and want advice and expertise  on whether it’s right for your business? At AAA-DIGITAL, we can assist you in this task and help you find the best solutions (new software, more powerful computers, new IT architecture) for your business. To make this happen, we carry out a technical audit of your system in order to identify its assets and weak points so we can advise for immediate actions.

A complete study of your current network or your projects ?

With an audit, you can find out whether your information system and your computer network are secure, efficient and fit your needs. A Real technical assessment,  allows you to improve your IS,  systems, opt for the right software and provide support to members of your IT department. In addition, we are able to carry out various audits, as much on the performance of LAN, servers, infrastructure and the management of the databases. After the audit phase we can help you by giving technical advices to help you complete a project to redesign, reorganize or create an IS.

Take advantage of expert advice to improve your IT:

Within our company, our teams are faced daily with the needs of professionals in terms of network, software, information system or LAN. Problems that they master. Thus, by entrusting us with your IT audit, you benefit from personalized advice, whether to integrate new technologies into your business, equip your employees with newer computers, remodel your LAN or transform your system… This gives you the opportunity to succeed in your project or if it is necessary to make some changes. Want to know more about our services ? Please Contact us!

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