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Buy a Server for your Compagny


Buy a server for Your Compagny

Get a Server tailor for your Workload

Nowadays, in most companies, the files are dematerialized and stored on various computer servers. They are used, transferred, exchanged by multiple users which makes your data much more vulnerable. To professionalize and secure your business in case of computer failure or hacking, it is important to invest in a server. Buying a server for a business will help you centralize and protect your data securely.

Need to choose your corporate servers ?

How to choose your computer server?
To choose the right server, it is necessary to ask the right questions. What are the different types of servers? Which servers to use according to the activity of your company and your needs? At AAA-DIGITAL, we support you in choosing your server. Our team carries out a computer and functional audit of the company in order to understand your environment, your expectations and your future projects. As a result of this audit, we will be able to advise you in the purchase of your server. In addition, you can use
AAA-DIGITAL to change your server or in case of failure, our team of experts will  help you.

Experts willing to advise you:

A computer server is an important investment for your business and that’s why you need to be surrounded by professionals. At, we offer different types of HPE, Dell, Lenovo brand servers, quality, powerful and powerful hardware. In addition, our technicians, trained in all types of hardware and software, are able to support you throughout the lifecycle of your business computing,so that your experience is smooth. To learn more and discover our offers, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Servers Maintenance
We manage many servers At AAA-Digital we manage many servers and know all key components of an infrastructure. Servers are very complex.
Multi Vendors
We choose the Best and reliable vendors for servers workloads
Disaster Recovery / Data Migration
Migrating your digital assets is not an easy task once your are jailed with vendors. At AAA-Digital we can help you with this very hard task by doing physical to virtual conversion, P2P, V2P and even migrate from one to to another and also provide Disater Recovery features.

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